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Considering Color Separation Software?

Although I try to avoid making any direct comparison to competing products on this site and would never "bash" a competitor since good or (not so good), these programs involve a great deal of work to assemble and every developer deserves respect for their efforts. I will however reveal what you can expect from other choices in relation to QuikSeps Professional.....

What you can expect from QuikSeps Professional is software that continues to function regardless of the position of this company and myself. We've heard horror stories of being "locked-out" of software by those who have paid $1000 for it (and sometimes more with multi-user licenses) because the company no longer exists!

This can never happen with QuikSeps since it does not require any intervention by us to continue using it on new computers, etc. Just install and it works! So, even if I personally were to be deserted on Gillian's Island with no internet connection, phone, etc., your copy of QuikSeps Professional will continue to function....even on a new computer.

QuikSeps Professional is also not merely old, outdated, antiquated software with a new name and then we attempt to "charge" a fee to upgrade what you already own! Never "expect" that from us. Oh, and this product is also heavily protected by encryption which is a major problem with even the slightest update of Photoshop or operating system. What if this company closes.....again?

Aside from the above, there's only a few other products available. These simply generate simulated process color separations and nothing else....period. They costs considerably more than QuikSeps Professional and can "only" be accessed by one user on one computer as USB locking Dongles are required. If an additional installation is needed, additional $$$ must be remitted. So, products that offer just 1 form of color separation, limited choices and virtually zero additional features could also become quite problematic if the company ever decides to close its doors for whatever reason or simply decides to no longer support it due to the encryption / usb locking key issues.

Another program emerges from a land far-far away from a developer with no phone number. In fact, the ink company who now owns the software actually warns users "not to call for any form of help or support"! So who are you going to call when an issue arises? The dealer? I just got off the phone with a user that had a complex question about merging channels, subtracting some image data from others while modifying the underbase to further clarify the black. Just try and have most salespeople answer that one! Without going into details, as stated above the program in question is basically owned by an ink company and primarily exists to promote their line of inks.

The final choice should not really qualify as a separation program as it merely exports a file as index into Illustrator for output and nothing more plus retails for twice the price.

Finally there's QuikSeps Professional. At a lower cost than all others, offering more features and generating higher quality separations based not only on our tests but primarily from feedback by thousands of users. Its sold exclusively by the developer who can be reached by phone and also responds immediately to email. We even send "voice email tech support responses" if needed to explain more complex matters in detail! The product can be installed on multiple computers "free of charge", has over 2,300 satisfied users and is widely considered the best available.

So, are these competing products "bad"? No....they're not "bad". Its just that QuikSeps Professional offers more for less in all aspects of the product from value, performance, features and tech support. We've got all 4 bases covered for you!

Thanks for looking and hopefully QuikSeps Professional can service your needs!

Have Macs And
No Extra Charge!

We've also included some super high-end files to practice on!

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