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About QuikSeps

QuikSeps Professional is the logical successor of the original product released in 2000 and further refined in 2002. Its developed, sold and supported by Steve Roginski, a screen printing industry expert and veteran of 30 years!

Since QuikSeps Professional is based on an extensive set of Photoshop Actions performing a vast amount of functions, its impossible to offer a trial version. Therefore I made every attempt to showcase the product with sample file downloads, making the full manual available as a PDF file along with a
comprehensive demo video to view online.

The full version contains an extensive video in excess of 2 hours on a separate disk which not only provides an in-depth overview of the program and step-by-step tutorial, but also many tips and tricks to get the most out of it and Photoshop.

Unlike some other products, QuikSeps Professional is not a "one-trick-pony" that offers only one form of color separations such as simulated process exclusively and nothing else. If we did limit its power, it would be "easy" to provide a trial. In contrast, QuikSeps Professional offers a virtual army of tools and modules. Therefore, its just about impossible to provide a trial without basically giving away most of the product.

Due to the efficient manner in which QuikSeps was written, its extremely friendly across platforms, operating systems and Photoshop Versions. In fact a single copy works flawlessly on Windows 98, 2000, XP, NT, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and all versions of Apple OS X. Regarding Photoshop, its compatible with CS1 through CS6, and Creative Cloud.

Aside from the performance and quality of the files QuikSeps Professional generates and enormous number of features it offers, QuikSeps is also the "lowest cost" product of its kind......"by far".

For example, lets say you'd like to install a competing product on 4 computers, 2 are Macs and 2 are Windows based. This would cost $2,600+ with the licensing fees and USB dongles while the total cost of our product would be less than $200! Like to add another computer or put it on your laptop too? Still under $200 and you won't have to contact us for authorization. The only thing we ask is that you don't give it away.

As of November 2014, QuikSeps has a user base of over 7,000 screen printers worldwide and this was possible without any formal advertising, trade show appearances or dealer networks so we must be doing something right. With the release of QuikSeps Professional, a product which offers an incredible array of tools that work extremely well and at low cost, we expect that number to increase which in turn allows us to advance the product further.

Throughout the years I've been involved in just about every aspect of the imprinted sportswear and graphics industry and was among the first to embrace computer generated design during its infancy in the mid 80's.

I've owned both small and large screen printing organizations, have designed a countless number of shirts and printed millions of them, everything from basic jobs to highly complex.

I look forward to including you as a QuikSeps Professional user and please don't hesitate to email or call with any questions.

Thank You!

Steve Roginski

Have Macs And
No Extra Charge!

We've also included some super high-end files to practice on!

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